Within an online environment 4Light automates all data sheets, in which technical details, requirements and numbers are documented. The software developed by 4Light can be used independently of a drawing application thereby offering the possibility of submitting ideas in practically all formats.
The industrial label printer prints the correct labels aside with the working drawings, to ensure accuracy, speed and flexibility in case of last-minute changes. To precisely log the audio-visual system, even under high time pressure, the labels are attached to the equipment and cabling employed on location. Subsequently the installed equipment is tested with the aid of an iPad or GrandMA, for which this software generates the testing sequences.

This customization is carried through into the planning software, which provides an insight into the complex schedules of personnel and material traveling all over the world. This organized way of working ensures clarity for all the parties involved.

To securely store all project and client data, 4Light combines cloud storage with NAS back-up and hardware-based firewalls.


In order to translate ideas and concepts, 4Light links up SCAD RE-EVENT, PCON and WYSIWYG. The library and layer structure of the aforementioned suites is attuned to one another, which ensures a smooth exchange within the phasing of a project. In this SCAD is used to provide the technical interpretation, which is subsequently converted to technical renders using PCON. While WYSIWYG is used to visualize location, scenery and all audio-visual techniques in a realistic manner. The visualization can be shared as a render presentation using Stills, a short film in which a camera flies through the space or even as a VR-experience.

4Light offers the possibility to by means of a point scan to map out the event location in detail or to build it up in 3D using a 2D underlay. This point scan can also be used in a reversed way to mark complex maps quickly and accurately, for amongst other things, vertices for constructions, pieces of scenery, floor covering and furniture.


The studio offers the possibility of time-coding the programming of light, video, laser and motion. 4Light disposes over the right equipment for playing out time codes and making them available to all the disciplines involved. This creative hub has the following facilities for an optimum experience and ergonomics:

  • Adjustable and rotating screens
  • High-quality audio-playback
  • Ample electricity and data supply
  • Workstation with up-to-date specs
  • Climate control
  • LED atmospheric lighting


4Light communicates the technical facilities by means of an orderly and detailed advancing package. Herewith 4Light mediates between the wishes of the artist and the possibilities of the stage or the production. The scheduling of Load-ins, sound-checks, rehearsals, programming slots and studio time are fixed in the advancing process.

This package and the accompanying schedules are transferred to our communicative stage-managers and ensure clarity during the entire production on the part of technicians, organization and artist. By always living up to made promises, the visiting acts and technicians know they are in good hands with 4Light.

We care, we keep our promises and we deliver every time!