Case: Martin Garrix | Summer Tour 2023

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    Summer 2023

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    -Hardware planning
    -Crew planning
    -Technical Production

Last summer, for the second year in a row, 4Light facilitated the floor set of the Martin Garrix Truck Tour. During 6 days, we assembled 8 dollies with fixtures, custom racks, and cable looms in Studio ‘Lucky 13’ in Aalst.

All equipment is on wheels and fits in one trailer, with which we arrive at the respective festival on the evening or night before the show. During the night, we set up the set in about 4 hours and program it together with the fixtures of the festival itself, after which we place the materials directly backstage.

On the show day, during the changeover, we drive everything to the right place and connect the fixtures again in just 20 minutes. Once the show is over, we pack everything up again and the materials are back in the trailer within 1 hour.