Case: 7TH Sunday

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    25 May 2019

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    -Light Design
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Since the beginning of 7Th Sunday, the decor has been the common thread running through the stages and the site lay-out. During the day, the decor had to be the highlight of the show, without the technical items being visibly present. As soon as night falls, the stage had to be fully at the forefront with a tasteful light and video show. The show light fixtures, LED screens, lasers and FX equipment ensured that the audience was presented with an impressive show.

In advance of the show and production, a very detailed planning and preparation took place. The first step in this was converting the decor sketch into a 3D model, which was executed by the company ‘Gaaf Creaties’. After this model had been made, 4Light came in to compose a full 3D drawing, while taking into account the mounting and supplying of the LED screens, PA, fixtures and pyro.
The attachments and the weight of this equipment were processed in the drawings, so the stage supplier could calculate the construction and provide it with the necessary counter-weight.

The steel PA Beams that were used, were designed and customized by 4Light and supplied with the necessary technical calculations and certificates.