Case: Ajax huldiging 2022

  • Date

    11 May 2022

  • Location

    Amsterdam Arena

  • Client

    Unlimited Productions

  • Services


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    -3D Drawing
    -Hardware planning
    -Crew planning
    -Technical Production

To celebrate Ajax’s championship in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, 4Light has provided an additional light set. We tackled this by placing fixtures on a 20-meter circle, which could be driven onto the field. This circle is cut into 8 segments, equipped with custom-made adapters to place a wheel under the box corners.

The circle parts were pushed onto the field via the ramp for programming purposes and then stored back on the ring. A banner was placed in the center, and 3 stars all around, with a similar truss frame below to make the whole thing mobile.

The angle of the ramp, the pressure on the field and the time slot were the biggest challenges. Additional Mac Ultra Washes and P10 fixtures were placed around the field to highlight the flag raising. The additional set was connected to the house’s existing LED show and the VL6000 fixtures, which created the right atmosphere for this celebration.