Case: Martin Garrix ADE 2023

  • Date

    20&21 October 2023

  • Location

    RAI, Amsterdam

  • Client

    Unlimited Productions BV

  • Services


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    -3D Drawing
    -Hardware planning
    -Crew planning
    -Technical Production

We are responsible for the light setup of Martin Garrix during ADE. The stage is a visual spectacle with a massive matrix wall, a DNA strand of light, and LED screens.25 Motion objects with an overhead prerig are strategically placed. The lighting setup is programmed in the studio for 2 weeks before the show starts, with 4Light also providing the facilities.

And then, the technical aspects that make all of this possible:

42x Martin – Era 800 Performance
44x Robe – Robin MegaPointe
100x CLF – Aorun
120x CLF – Poseidon Wash XL
63x GLP – JDC-1
165x GLP – X4-20 Bar
2x Robe Spiider
4x MDG The One Touring & 2x MDG Me2

This impressive set of lights is controlled by 2x MA3 Fullsize, with an extra boost from 10x NPU to handle the computing power needed for managing 74 universes of sACN