Case: Wish Outdoor Mexico

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    25 May 2019

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    -Light Design
    -Technical Design
    -Structural Engineering
    -Database Software
    -Custom Products
    -Project Management
    -Team & Equipment
    -Technical Production
    -Live Operating

Since 2016 4Light has been responsible for the technical production of WISH! Outdoor Mexico. By way of a theme that varies from year to year, a large stage is offered to the artists and the audience. 4Light maps out the wishes of the artists and promotor and adjusts the production accordingly.

The technical drawings and material lists are presented to local vendors, in which 4Light takes on an advisory role. As soon as the vendors are chosen, the plans and planning are made in cooperation with the promotor. Due to this the local team is completely up to speed on all the installation details and plannings. The Dutch team, facilitated by 4Light, assists during the construction and show and makes adjustments where necessary.

The cooperation with the local vendors resulted in the development of a number of products new to Mexico, such as rain protection for artists and equipment, construction items and various decor fixtures.

After the drawings and planning were made, the advancing process began. Each and every time 4Light strives to provide clarity in advance to the visiting acts and to work according to the agreements made regarding the technical facilities available on location. The show elements are programmed in advance in the Netherlands in 4Light’s studio and the last details are added on location.