In cooperation with the client, 4Light looks critically and analytically at what is requested and chooses the right workflow with an eye on budget and efficiency. By making balanced choices this workflow will fit seamlessly with the brand, the production, the technical challenges and the set goals. Together one team will be formed, in which 4Light takes on a steering and advisory role, to monitor the workflow and to make adjustments where needed.

Due to not being bound to brands and suppliers, 4Light can provide unbiased advice and make choices in line with the wishes and aims of the client.
This way, the combination between network and knowledge can be made between the local or available in-house materials and services. The smart use of equipment and people ensures a sound ecological footprint.

4Light works according to the highest safety standards employed in the events industry, thereby guaranteeing the safety at every stage of the project.

4Light operates in a transparent manner and strives to always exceed all expectations, working towards that spectacular firework moment from the very first meeting!

We don’t just deliver, we take care. We do what we promise!


4Light offers clients a one-stop-shop by providing them with technical specialists, producers, developers and material.
Co-creation with a variety of design agencies ensures 4Light can design and facilitate complete concepts with the right look and feel. The in-house studio offers the possibility to visualize, to program and to see the design or show-content. Both in the office and on the work floor, 4Light uses self-developed software to optimize the method of working and provide an overview.

With evident global experience working on large-scale projects, 4Light takes care of the entire technical production of an event or a part thereof. While also smaller projects with a high level of detail or a variety of disciplines are taken on with the same amount of attention.

4Light works with a core team of specialists complemented by a flexible pool of freelancers, meaning a strong team is available for every project and every discipline. The project managers ensure the process progresses smoothly, both in the initial stage and during the execution of the project. Due to the broad network of suppliers, the correct materials are supplied, with which these professionals create an output of the highest level.

From marking off the first lines at the location to removing that last piece of tape from the floor and everything in between. Our work goes further than technique and specialists. We take care of the whole picture!


  • IDEA

    • Concept Design
    • Light Design
    • Visualisation
    • Pre-Programming

    • Technical Design
    • Structural Engerineering
    • Database Software
    • Custom Products

    • Project Management
    • Advice
    • Team & Equipment
    • Advancing

    • Technical Production
    • Co-Creation
    • Live Operating
    • Showcontrol