Case: Electric Fireworks

  • Date

    31 december 2022

  • Location

    Museumplein, Amsterdam

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    -3D Drawing
    -Hardware planning
    -Crew planning
    -Technical Production

The basis of Electric Fireworks is a large LED clock, which is surrounded by 11 constructions packed with light.

Various adapters have been developed by 4 Light to allow the fixtures and trussing to fit together at all angles. This includes adapters from Core-steel products to Eurotruss HD34 Boxcorners, rotation plates and adapters for CLF Poseidon Beam.

The biggest challenge of this project lies in the fact that the entire spectacle takes place completely outdoors in the period between Christmas and January 2nd. During the load-in period, the wind turned out to have more influence on the planned smoke machines than we had estimated with the test construction at this location. As a result, we increased this number during rehearsals from 48 units to 80 operational units.

The largest objects are built horizontally, under a temporary roof and hoisted upright by means of a crane. To be able to build the 11 objects, 3 different positions were needed for this crane. After the hoisting work, the ground cabling was installed to control the 1504 fixtures. This involved a total of 47534 DMX parameters, spread over 162 Univeres – sACN Protocol.